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Oil Field & Pipeline Services

We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, operators and technical partners who together can deliver professional expertise and quality service within the specified time and budget. We have a good inventory of all equipment / instruments required for carrying out pigging, hydro testing, dewatering, drying (using air and nitrogen), nitrogen purging / inerting and nitrogen helium leak testing, and chemical cleaning activities for both offshore and onshore pipeline projects.
With an excellent network of renowned principals and suppliers, we are confident of understanding the client's specific needs and enquiries, whilst offering our competent services at the best of industry standards.

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Services
Haleems Integrated Services Ltd  off ers the following pipeline



- Flooding, cleaning and hydro-testing
- Pneumatic testing of pipelines
- High-volume fluid pumping
- Sleeving & Hot tapping
- Upgrading meter stations
- Glycol and methanol swabbing
- Pipeline replacement and repair
- Nitrogen purging and displacement
- Right-of- way mowing and clearing
- Caliper and intelligent pigging of pipelines
- Corosion/Erosion control, marking and locating pipelines
- Pipeline coating, grounds and turnaround maintenance services
- Dewatering of pipelines, Drying of pipelines by vacum, nitrogen air
- Flange management etc.

We provide the following process services:

- Nitrogen helium leak detection, purging and testing
- Chemical cleaning and Oil flushing
- Bolt tensioning and torquing
- Pipe freezing and Refridgerant recovery
- Video inspection
- Hydro-jetting etc.

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